Najmah Thomas, Learning Coach (NTLC)
"Necessary Tools for Leading Change"
Competent, Quality Consulting and Solutions.


Star Quality
Najmah (pronounced NAHJ mah) means ‘star’ in the Swahili/Arabic language, and it is no coincidence that the professional philosophy of NTLC is based on a star mnemonic. In every service delivered, research effort conducted, or course instructed, NTLC strives to be strategic, transparent, agile, and responsive:
  • Strategic: services and products are tactical, purposeful, and methodical. NTLC specializes in helping individuals and organizations clarify their primary mission, articulate meaningful goals, and identify viable, measurable objectives. NTLC fosters a clear and consistent pursuit of excellence.
  • Transparent: meeting the needs of customers by maintaining candor and authenticity. This allows for work to be conducted as a collaborative partnership, with both parties having a true understanding of shared expectations and responsibilities. NTLC methods are clear and understandable and operates with unambiguous style.
  • Agile: approaching projects with an open mind and a commitment to flexibility. Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and organization. NTLC encourages customers to develop an empathetic connection with the world around them. Confidentiality and discretion are valued in each interaction; NTLC is a champion of integrity.
  • Responsive: dedicated to providing prompt, efficient and effective services. NTLC constantly scans the environment to ensure techniques are aligned with the most recent promising practice in the field. When interfacing with clients, NTLC is well-organized and considerate of the customer’s needs, trreating each individual and organizational interaction with grace.
The NTLC mission is to provide star-quality services and products to individuals and organizations that will result in their enhanced capacity to effect economic and social equity. In executing this mission, NTLC primarily seeks clients who are (and serve those who are) underrepresented in academia, entrepreneurship, organized philanthropy, public administration, and public policy.

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